Key message

The MH17 Disaster Foundation would like to commemorate our loved ones with a national monument. The majority of the surviving relatives chose Vijfhuizen (near Schiphol Amsterdam Airport) for the location of the monument. 


On Saturday May 21st five designs for the monument were presented to surviving relatives, after which they could vote. 


Ronald Westerhuis' design received the most votes. A total of 155 surviving relatives from 139 victims have cast their vote. After applying the distribution key, Ronald Westerhuis' design received 161 votes, Wessel Bezemer's design 61 votes, Reg den Hartog's design 41 votes, Bart Somer's design received 39, and Aleid Uhl's design received 19 votes. An important demand of the voting surviving relatives is that the names of all 298 victims appear on the memorial.


The memorial designed by Ronald Westerhuis is a large wall, 6 meters high and 25 meters wide, that represents the weight of the loss. The center of the wall holds an eye, a hole to let sunlight through. That symbolizes hope. The names of the victims are carved into the wall. 


Based on the vote results, the Monument working group has advised the board of the MH17 Disaster Foundation to choose Ronald Westerhuis' design for the memorial. The board of the MH17 Disaster Foundation has followed the advice and appointed Ronald Westerhuis' design. The monument will be placed in the memorial forest and together they will form the national monument to commemorate our loved ones.


The next phase contains an assessment of the feasibility of the project. As soon as the feasibility and funding are in order, the project will be implemented. We hope to confirm this by Fall this year. 


MH17 Memorial Foundation


In order to realize our plans, a seperate foundation has been established: the MH17 Memorial Foundation. This foundation is responsible for the implementation and funding. The board consists of people who have the ability to execute the plans.


The board of the MH17 Memorial Foundation consists of:


Bert Uitterhoeve (president) Former director Haarlemmermeer municipality
Mark Elbers Former director Arcadis
Victor Jammers Board of directors Victim Support the Netherlands
Evert van Zijtveld President MH17 Disaster Foundation



The Advisory council of the MH17 Memorial Foundation consists of:


Ed Nijpels (president)
Kees Veerman
Job Cohen
Alexander Rinnooy Kan