The MH17 Disaster Foundation aims to support surviving relatives in coping with grief, commemorate the victims, and guard the interests, in the broadest sense, of the surviving relatives. 


The Foundation attempts to reach her goals by:


  •  offering a platform through which surviving relatives can get in touch with each other;
  • maintaining sustainable cooperation with involved (governmental) institutions, and monitoring, among other things, the Public Prosecutions Department;
  • acting as the major voice for both Dutch and international surviving relatives;
  • maintaining adequate information supply with the greatest care;
  • supporting collective interests during judicial follow-ups, financial matters, and damage claims;
  • supporting a possible visit to the crash site, as soon as a visit is possible and safety can be guaranteed;
  • organizing annual commemorations;
  • supporting, monitoring, and realizing the foundation of a national monument;
  • raising funds and/or donations. 

This overview of activities has been co-created with suggestions of surviving relatives. 


The group of surviving relatives has been estimated to consist of a few hundred people that are directly involved, and an even larger group of indirectly involved people. The Foundation stays in touch with surviving relatives through e-mail.