Shortly after 17 July 2014, Dennis Schouten and Naomi Tamtelahitu, surviving relatives and active board members to date, initiated the Foundation for other surviving relatives. After posting a plea on the secure section of the Center of Information and Referrals' website, which is part of Victim Support the Netherlands, a large number of surviving relatives reported their wish to be involved in some way in the Foundation's activities. A survey has been distributed, through which surviving relatives could register for the Foundation and suggest issues that the Foundation should be concerned with. 


Following the plea and the survey, a meeting has been organized on 9 October 2014, during which approximately 50 surviving relatives exchanged thoughts on establishing an organization, what goals the Foundation should pursue, and so forth. The group has been fortunate to be able to benefit from shared experiences of representatives of the 1996 Hercules Disaster Foundation and the Tripoli Disaster Foundation. The attendees were unanimously in favor of establishing a foundation for the MH17 disaster. 


The period following this meeting contained numerous conversations with surviving relatives who wished to commit to the Foundation.


This initiative has been supported and facilitated from the start by Victim Support the Netherlands, Victim Support Fund, Impact Foundation, the Ministry of Security and Justice, and the National Coordinator for Security and Counterterrorism.